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Horse Slaughter

I shall endeavour to be factual and non-emotional regarding this issue.  I suggest anyone who has watched and fought for the halt of horse slaughter to follow closely what the USDA is doing.  Contact the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns and tell him to not allow Foreign-owned horse slaughter plants to continue to operate here in the US, especially in light of the .   The ASPCA has set up a web form to help in this process.  I strongly encourage anyone who advocates for horses, to read and make an informed choice to act. The excerpt below is taken from  

Federal: Foreign-Owned Horse Slaughter Plants Attempt to Undermine Horse Slaughter Ban!

Bill No. Petition to USDA to allow for horse slaughter
ASPCA Position Oppose
Action Needed Send a letter to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns urging
him to deny the slaughter plants’ petition to allow for horse
slaughter in fiscal year 2006!
Take Action Now!

In 2005, after a tremendous public outcry, Congress overwhelmingly passed an appropriations bill that effectively stopped horse slaughter for fiscal year 2006 by cutting funding for USDA inspections of slaughter plants that slaughter horses.  Now, in a move that flies directly in the face of that Congressional mandate, the USDA is considering a petition submitted by the three foreign-owned slaughter plants that slaughter horses in the United States to allow for the continuation of horse slaughter in this country!

Last year, the American people told Congress in no uncertain terms that Americans do not support the slaughter of horses in this country to serve an overseas market for horse meat.  Congress heard your voices!  The 2005 Agriculture Appropriations bill cut funding to USDA to inspect slaughter plants that slaughter horses for human consumption, effectively banning the slaughter of horses in this country for fiscal year 2006.  The ban is set to begin on March 10, 2006.  Now, the USDA is considering a petition that would create new means of paying for inspection of slaughter plants, effectively allowing horse slaughter to continue.  This move would directly undermine the Congressional intent behind the 2005 agriculture appropriations amendment! 

Contact U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns today and tell him to stop ignoring the will of Congress and implement the horse slaughter ban!  Click here to take action now and send a letter! 


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